Highlights from the 1st 2012 CHAI Board Meeting

Changes in leadership:

Swaran Dhawan, after 10 years of chairing our board has stepped down from the board chair position to focus on some of the grants and clinical outreach pieces. Her leadership, guidance and wonderful energy was applauded and will always be valued. Swaran is not leaving the board and will remain to help with many of our projects.

Mark Borchardt spoke about his interest in leading the CHAI board and the board had a healthy and productive discussion about the strengths Mark brings, including leadership with other boards, about 8 years of experience on the CHAI board and a genuine belief in the CHAI mission. We were able to share the value CHAI holds in working with all communities to address mental health and how South Asians alone can not do the work to support mental health issues in the community. Raising awareness with all stakeholders was also a strength in our work and part of Marks’ vision in helping lead the board.

Treasurer – Brinda Nair will assume this position, with the help of our long-time behind the scenes volunteer,  Meena Bishnoi, who has provided all the financial, tax and payroll support!

Welcomed to the board- Bina Martin (returning board member) and the board is welcoming Kevin Andrews, attorney from the Sheela Murthy Law Firm.

Upcoming Events:

CHAI Bookclub – on Feb. 12th, 2012 at 3pm
Austin Grill – on Feb. 23, Happy Hour & Meet & Greet- 5-9pm.  Urmi is the lead contact.

CHAI Womens’ Wellness Group – will start in March, flier will be out this week, welcomed Ila Roy who will work with Razia to co-facilitate the group and Kavita Avula who will do some process observations and will co-facilitate future WWG!  We also want to thank Shoba Nayar for her dedication and commitment to the Women’s Group for the last three years!

Jewelry Show Fundraiser – planned for end of April- stay tuned for details. Contact Bina to participate on the committee.


CHAI worked with Neha Navsaria and was awarded the American Psychological Foundation Grant to do focus groups with SA parents in the US and create materials on developmental stages for children and supports & strategies for SA parents.


We’re going to be revising and updating our website, need feedback from people about the website, please take the survey to give us critical feedback so we can make it more useful to audiences.

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