Weren’t Able to Make it to Book Club this Weekend?

Join the discussion here by posting your comments about our selection of the month:

‘Hindi-Bindi Club’
By Monica Pradhan
Discussion questions:

Which character(s) resonates with you the most and why?

  • In what ways do these families immigrant experiences parallel your family’s in what ways does it differ?
  •  The relationships of the mothers and daughters are explored in this book through a South Asian perspective. What aspects do you think are specific to South Asians and what pieces do you think are universal?
  • The underlying mental health issues are explored in with Rani & her grandmother, yet Preity’s bulimia & Saroj’s affair remain hidden in the family. What price do you think each family pays for their willingness to address issues or to not address issues?
  • From an outreach perspective for CHAI, how might we use the stories shared in this book to talk about the taboos in our community?

Stay tuned for information about Book Club’s next selection and meeting!

One Comment on “Weren’t Able to Make it to Book Club this Weekend?

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