CHAI Participates in Social Media Bootcamp : How we’re bringing this small non-profit to the forefront of social media, the front edge of online branding and marketing, and how longer blog titles will get us more hits (with special guest blogger, Executive Director, Razia Kosi)

Ok, so I might have gone a little overboard on the blog title and cramming everything we learned at Social Media Bootcamp into one new blog post – but we’re so excited about all our new tools.  Well, rather, new ways to use old tools.  One thing we accomplished yesterday (dramatic recreation of Razia ‘accomplishing things’ pictured) is the creation of a CHAI Facebook Page.

So we’re finally taking the leap and migrating from our old group over to a shiny, brand – spanking new page on Facebook and we really hope you’ll give us that big ‘ole thumbs up in our new location!

What else did we learn yesterday?  That people are using the internet to answer their questions.  What kind of questions can CHAI help you answer?  We’ve been known to dabble in everything from, ‘how should I talk to my aging parents about their mental health?’, to ‘my Indian parents are putting too much pressure on me, how can I discuss this with them without being disrespectful?’, and, of course ‘where can I get the best, guilt – free Samosa in town?’.  But – we also want to use all our social media outlets to hear new voices and new questions, we hope you choose one of your networks to ‘like’ us in, ‘follow’ us, or just simply ‘connect’.

CHAI is in an exciting time after recently celebrating our ten – year anniversary and welcoming a new board – chair, we’ve also welcomed many fresh new faces to the board and will be using this summer and our social media outlets to introduce you to board members, new and old (but all young!) and, of course, our exciting upcoming events.  We hope you enjoy hearing from the different voices that make up the board as much as we enjoy hearing from the different voices that make up our support network and membership.  Please don’t hesitate to open the dialogue with us here, or anywhere, about changing conversations around mental health, wellness, and stigma in the South Asian community.

To kick off our Summer Voices Blog Series, please enjoy the upcoming post by special guest author, Executive Director and Founder of CHAI, Razia Kosi.

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