To blog or not to blog, that’s not the question. When and what to blog, post, tweet, text, email, pin, link, tumble or stumble about our work with CHAI? THAT is the question!

I have a handle on status updates on my vacations, pics of great food and my family holiday events but when it came to what to share on the CHAI social media sites I wasn’t quite as savvy.  Lucky for CHAI, we have Erin Walton, our dynamic behind-the-scenes-data-and-social-media guru, who signed us up for the Social Media Bootcamp training offered by the Maryland Nonprofits and the University of Baltimore’s Merrick School of Business. The Middendorf Foundation awarded CHAI a grant so we could better collaborate and communicate with our dedicated community.

Razia and Erin at Social Media Bootcamp at UBalt

At the training, we heard from Garth Moore, the social media strategist behind the ONE Campaign (you know, the one Bono is involved in to end poverty). While Mr. Moore shared resources, his main message was how technology in the nonprofit world is just a vehicle to connect with the constituents and build relationships.

CHAI needs YOU to make this mission a reality.  Share your expertise, your story of recovery from a mental illness, your story of supporting a friend or family member through a difficult time in their lives, your willingness to speak out about mental health to help end stigma in the South Asian community, or anything else to help. Be a part of this work and together we can create a caring a supportive community on the topic of mental health and wellness.

-Razia F. Kosi, LCSW-C

Executive Director & Founder


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