CHAI Parenting Initiative-Strengthening South Asian Families Call for Articles:

Counselor’s Helping Asian Indians, Inc. (CHAI, Inc.) and collaborating psychologist, Neha Navsaria, have been awarded a grant from the Asian American Psychological Association and American Psychological Foundation to create an educational resource booklet that will provide culturally competent information to the South Asian Community in the US on parenting. In the first phase of this project, surveys were conducted with South Asian parents in the US to ask what topics would be of relevance to them as parents. The topics most relevant are listed below. This resource will be available in both printed and electronic form. In addition, authors or presenters will be invited to lead webinar sessions with parents on topics of high interest among South Asian parents. If you only have an interest in leading a webinar, but not in writing an article please contact to propose your topic.

The booklet will have two sections:

Parenting Topics

Cultural Considerations for South Asians, Parenting in the US

Deadline for the Article Submissions is Monday March 18th, 2013.

Eligible Writers:

Professionals within the mental health/ public health community: Psychologists, Social workers, Counselors, Psychiatrists, Graduate students, Public Health workers, South Asian activists and other experts in the field of South Asian studies.

Articles should be in .docx or .doc format , and should be emailed to

When submitting your article please include a paragraph synopsis of your educational background, current position, experience with the South Asian Community and contact information. If your submission is selected, your information will be included in the reference section of this resource book.

The grant award only covers the costs of printing and mailing the resource guides. There will not be any monetary compensation for the selected contributions.  The contributing authors will be recognized and given credit for their work in the resource book. They will also be recognized on the CHAI website as contributing authors for this resource booklet.

Topics identified for Parenting Articles:

General Parenting Issues

  • Building a relationship with your child/healthy communication
  • Helping your child feel good about themselves, ie-self-esteem, positive self identity, self-confidence
  • Raising a financially healthy child
  • Balancing work with family
  • Managing your stress/anger
  • What to do about bullying and harassment

Learning About Your Child

  • Helping your child handle stress
  • Peer influence and parent influence
  • The role of a parent at each developmental stage of the child*

Cultural Identity

  • Teaching children multiple languages
  • Managing two cultures
  • Keeping children interested in cultural traditions
  • Issues within the US affecting a child’s identity

Guideline for Parenting Submissions, Target Audience for Parenting Articles:

General South Asian Population in the US

Readers could be between the ages of 20-60

Audience will NOT be specifically mental health professionals or an audience familiar with psychological terminology

Guidelines for the articles

  1. Each summary should be no longer than two 8 1/2 x 11 pages and a maximum 850 word count. *(Except for the submission on the role of the parent at each developmental stage- this one will be one page per developmental stage)
  2. The first third of the page should be a synopsis of the topic. This information needs to be presented is in non-clinical terminology and reader friendly to the layperson.
  3. The second third of the page should be bulleted important points.
  4. The last third of the page should be suggestions for parents.
  5. You may include hyperlinks, websites or references that will provide more information for parents in the context of the article and we will include relevant information in another section of this resource booklet.

6.    Please review sample article.

 Substance Abuse Sample Article

Topics for Articles on “Cultural Considerations For South Asians, Parenting in  U.S.”

  • Religion and Spirituality (Identifying many of the religious practices of South Asian, and the role spirituality plays in identity and way of life)
  • Generational Conflict
  • Immigration and Loss
  • Culture Shock and Cultural Adjustment
  • Mental Health in the South Asian community
  • “South Asian ” Identity – Identify the countries of origin and the history of immigration to the U.S
  • Historical racism and discrimination in South Asia and internal racism and discrimination within the community.
  • Sexual Taboos – Dating, Relationships
  • Asian “Model Minority” Myth – Implications of myth and expectations.
  • Gender Issues for South Asians in U.S. – Expectations from families, South Asian community and the culture and expectations in U.S.

Submission guidelines for articles related to “Cultural Considerations For South Asians, Parenting in the U.S.”

Target Audience for Articles on Cultural considerations when working with the South Asian community in the U.S. :

  1. Conceptual development of this article should be for online delivery of content as a resource or potential online webinar.
  2. Maximum of four pages, two-three page submissions are preferred.
  3. First 1-2 pages could include an anecdote, case study, or passage from a novel to exemplify the topic of the cultural consideration.
  4. Next page or two should identify the issues that were brought out in your example and why this topic is relevant within the South Asian community.
  5. If you have research from your work or other journal articles to support points on this topic, please cite those references.
  6. This article should not be in APA format, we want these articles to be easy for the layperson to read, provide insight and offer the reader points to consider and reflect upon.
  7. You may include a list of references, or any other information that you think will be relevant to a mental health practitioner working with the South Asian community. This information should be on a separate page and may be included in our reference list at the end of this resource booklet.

Reminder: Deadline for the Article Submissions is Monday March 18th, 2013. 

We reserve the right to edit content as needed to ensure audience, space and initiative considerations. 

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