A Message from Our New Board President, Brinda Nair

Dear Friends,

2013 is an exciting year for CHAI ~ we are heading into a new decade of CHAIs existence and have a new revamped mission & board to move us into a new era.   I want to take this opportunity to introduce not just the new

2013 CHAI Board President, Brinda Nair

2013 CHAI Board President, Brinda Nair

mission of CHAI but to also give you a perspective of what that mission means to our Board members. Last year, we spent several hours as a team along with a strategic planning consultant to get to essence and core of our work, and what it means to be a board member, a volunteer, a member of the CHAI community and we’re very proud of our new mission. It speaks to each one of us from our own experiences, what we would like to do for the community through our role within CHAI and also to help us focus on what is real, tangible and within our reach.

The new mission iiiiiiiissss ….drum roll please!!!! ……

CHAI takes a holistic approach to providing proactive, culturally competent information and referrals on mental health and wellness to the South Asian populations. We work collaboratively with communities and service organizations to end stigma and increase access to mental health services.

2013 Board, hard at work.

2013 Board, hard at work.

As you can see we are moving away from a programmatic approach to a holistic one and we feel that we will be able to generate a greater impact to the community we serve. At our last board meeting we asked each of our members to pick the one word or phrase within our mission that resonated most with them. Needless to say there were a lot of us who picked the “end stigma”…..this was echoed by several of our members from personal experience to just experiencing it through the eyes of other members of their community. Some of the action seekers in the group picked a “proactive” approach….which was in keeping with their personalities…they definitely were the go getters! Some of us picked “collaboration” which is such a key piece of what we at CHAI strive to do with actively seeking partnerships to create new approaches to addressing mental health. “Holistic approach” and “wellness” resonated with many of the board members because it looked at the overall well-being of the individual and truly connecting the mind, body and spirit through multiple modalities, such as, arts, meditation, traditional healing as well as cognitive, behavioral or psychotherapies.

I am also happy to report that I have stepped in as the new President of CHAI and will be supporting our Executive Director and the Board members with moving this mission forward into our next decade of serving the South Asian community. I will be joined in this task by our 3 Co-Chairs – Samir Palli, Urmi Chakrabrathi and Archana Menon. Please join me in welcoming all the new board members of CHAI and wishing the new co-chairs the very best in taking forth our mission and forging ahead. We will continue to grow the work of CHAI because we believe that the work we do is foundational to fulfilling our aspirations to serve our community well.

I want to sincerely thank the volunteers, members, partners and community at large who have made CHAIs success thus far possible. I ask for each of your support as we work to fulfill our new mission. As a first step towards this and to engage in an open forum please share in the comments section ways you have supported our mission or ways you would like to engage with us.

How you help to end the stigma attached to mental health through the work you do?

How you or your organization collaborates with CHAI?

How you approach wellness in your life or take a holistic approach to wellness?

And since we could not have achieved anything without your generous monetary donations this past decade please do consider supporting CHAI’s efforts by visiting our donations page and pledging your renewed support.

Thank you for being part of our journey.

Brinda Nair



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