MAY 31, 2013


FOR: Immediate Release

On Monday, June 3rd, COUNSELORS HELPING (SOUTH) ASIAN/INDIANS, INC. WILL PARTICIPATE as President Obama and Vice President Biden will host a White House Mental Health Conference as part of the Administration’s effort to launch a national conversation to increase understanding and awareness about mental health. President Obama will deliver opening remarks and Vice President Biden will deliver closing remarks to conference participants.

While millions of Americans struggle with mental health problems, those who need help are too often afraid to seek it because of the shame and secrecy associated with mental illness. The conference will bring together people from across the country, including representatives from state and local governments, mental health advocates, educators, health care providers, faith leaders, and individuals who have struggled with mental health problems, to discuss how we can all work together to reduce stigma and help the millions of Americans struggling with mental health problems recognize the importance of reaching out for assistance.

CHAI, Inc. is ANSWERING THE PRESIDENT’S CALL to launch a national conversation through its mission and work to increase the understanding and awareness about mental health by taking a holistic approach to providing proactive, culturally competent information and referrals on mental health and wellness to the South Asian population. CHAI works collaboratively with communities and service organizations to end stigma and increase access to mental health services.

CHAI routinely uses social media to further their message of BREAKING THE SILENCE AROUND MENTAL ILLNESS.  Supporters of this cause can join CHAI AND THE WHITE HOUSE in their mission and continue to raise awareness about mental health by:

  • visiting CHAI’s website (, following their blog (, liking them on Facebook (, following on Twitter (

  • joining the conversation on Twitter using #MentalHealthMatters during the conference on Monday

  • watching and sharing videos from the YouTube channel, ‘Voices of Recovery’, which includes several videos featuring individuals who have connection to mental illness and are encouraging others to talk about mental health and seek help if needed

  • reading and sharing other content from, such as their Fact Sheet on the National Dialogue on Mental Health, Talking About Mental Health, Recovery is Possible, and Mental Health and Substance Abuse



Executive Director                                  Administrative Assistant

Razia Kosi, LCSW-C                             Erin Walton, LCSW-C

443-615-1355                                          240-205-3341


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