CHAI’s Newest Nonprofit Ally, iMeditate DC, offering free meditation sessions

Refresh and rejuvenate with a free community service initiative to introduce people to breathing &meditation that have a calming effect on the mind and reduce stress. In this 60-minute interactive session, participants develop insight on how to reduce negative emotions – anger, regret, sadness, anxiety and fear – that eat up our energy and time putting an unnecessary burden on our efforts.

During the workshop participants will experience:

  • Breathing techniques that increase energy and vitality
  • A guided meditation
  • Connection between our breath, emotions, mind, body and the Self
  • Discussion about the tendencies of the mind
  • Participants will receive and introduction to Art of Living course and tools to chart a new course to healthier, happier, stress-free living.

Sessions take place every week on Tuesdays and Thursday (7 pm) and Saturday (4 pm) at the Sri Sri Center for Peace & Meditation located at 2401 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. |202-332-5433|

You can also visit for other locations and times in the DC metro area.

Read what Huffington Post says on Benefits of Meditation

Watch what MSNB has to say on Art of Living(2:51 sec)

Vice President Biden Speaks on the Art of Living (1:48 sec)

Medical Benefits

The Harvard Medical School’s Health Publication highlighted the benefits of Sudarshan Kriya.




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