Why is CHAI Relevant to You?

By Razia Kosi

In a 2009  TED Talk, Simon Sinek,  talks about the Golden Circle, and wwghow leaders inspire action with why a product, company or nonprofit is relevant to the person. So lets start with the why.

First sit back, relax your back and shoulders, take deep breath in through your nose, inhale three counts and have the air reach into your lungs. Now slowly release the air through your mouth, one …two …three. If you did this the first time you can join in again, if you didn’t, then take this opportunity for yourself to breath in the elixir of life, to clear your mind, and focus on the moment.

outreachCHAI is important because your life is important. Not just living, but the quality of life you choose to have. What drives you? What inspires you? What barriers are blocking you from having the life you have wanted? CHAI isn’t just about offering the tools for your
success, but it’s about the community working together to end real and harmful barriers that impede a person’s right to live and thrive in their lives. These barriers can be self-imposed or residuals of inflicted trauma, community –imposed, and even legally mandated (immigration laws that forbid spouses from working or family members from coming to the states).hospital

Looking across the past blogs this year, we have topics ranging from happiness & laughter, brain mapping, and gratitude, to domestic violence, autism,
suicide prevention, and pansexual identity. Why are these topics relevant to you? Because CHAI is made up of everyday people with issues that can affect everyday lives. It can be easy to believe that domestic violence, suicide, or the broad range of gender or sexual identities affects other people, but the more awareness is raised, the more we can recognize that the “other,” might not be so distant from ourselves.  If you read the blogs prof presthis year, you will know that I have personally shared more about issues our family has faced and one of the reasons I chose to disclose was to help end the stigma about discussing difficult issues. While I know some may see this as a risk for a therapist, or as a leader, I chose to take that risk in the hopes that breaking the silence helps others in facing their difficulties with openness and hope for a new ways of coping with the issues.

Imagine for a minute, you embark on a new life journey with your spouse in a new country and then within months find yourself abandoned by that spouse, unable to work, mhc presentunable to drive and without any family or friends in the area. What if, the few months before you were a professional bringing in a significant income, has family, friends and were able to make decisions in your life and take action?  Things can change in one year. What if, in that same year, you find out your family member is cancer-free, you are working in the field
you have always wanted to, and you are focusing on being grateful for the blessings in your life? Things can change in a year.  CHAI has been a part of both of these experiences and has been a resource for both those situations.

Below is some data to show who, where, why, and how we have helped this past year.

1 2345

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